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This is a LIFETIME membership to this course and all future updates.  You will have 24 hour access to ALL videos in the course.  This does not expire.  We plan to do a complete overhaul in the near future and you will never have to pay any further fees to upgrade.

DIY Mason Course

If you are tired of the same old jobs and want to learn the skills of Master Masons that allow to do any bricklaying job yourself, the DIY Mason Course is for you. It will turn you into a brick and block laying machine in 200-300 hours of training. It will give you the skills to work anywhere in the world for top dollar and to be in high demand.

  • Tired of a low paying job?
  • A job you hate to go to every day?
  • Just stuck?
  • A job that’s just not a good fit?
  • You can’t see yourself doing your current job much longer?
  • Hate your boss?

Our easy to follow lesson plans, alongside our videos, give you a detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to perform the essentials of bricklaying, block laying, and stonemasonry. This program has been refined and taught for over 29 years and has since evolved into the authoritative course in masonry education.

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This is a hands-on, home study course. You watch a lesson, and then practice doing that lesson until you master it. Then you proceed to the next lesson, watch it, and then practice that lesson until you master it. It works. If you have any doubts, please see our testimonials…

  • Buy the course
  • Get your supplies for training
  • Watch Lesson 1, practice, then move on to the next less, and so on. There are 8 lessons.
  • Become “Brick Certified” (requires passing our test).
  • Let us help you find a job.
  • Start working in your rewarding new high paying career.  This can  happen as quickly as 1 – 2 months if you apply yourself seriously.
What will I Learn in this Course?
  1. You will learn the proper way to hold a trowel in your hand.
  2. You will learn how to properly spread mud (mortar) for brick, then block (the bed joint, or the horizontal joints on a brick wall).
  3. You will learn how to place full head joints on brick and block (these are the joints that are vertical on a brick wall.)
  4. You will learn how to lay brick, then block to the line.
  5. You will learn how to joint (finish) tool your brick and block wall.
How long does it take to complete the Course?

If don’t have another job to workand you are able to work on the course full-time, you could finish the DIY course as quickly as a month. If you want to take your time, the course would more likely take 2-3 months or longer, depending upon how much time you spend on it. We usually estimate between 200-300 hours total to finish your masonry course.

What materials do I need for the Course?

There is a list of materials needed for the course in the lesson plans. The cost of these supplies will vary, depending on where you are located and how you obtain them. The average cost Is between $100-$300 retail. You are able to use your materials for projects after the course, so they are not wasted.

How much space do I need at my home for my Class?

You need approximately 5 ft. by 5 ft. for your set-up (minimum). Students have taken the course in their basement, garage, carport, back yard, or in a spare room in their house or apartment.

When I have completed the Class, what will be I qualified to do?

You should be able (at a minimum) to complete the following:

  • Lay (128) modular bricks in one hour or less.
  • Lay (42) 6x8x16 concrete masonry units, CMU, in one hour or less.
  • Build a brick chimney or brick pier that is 2 foot x 2 foot square. Lay 100 modular brick using a 4 foot builders lever in 2 hours or less, as well as all brick corners.
  • Extensive Online Video Training – Students have on-line access to all video courses they purchase which can be viewed on their Apple or Windows PC, laptop, tablet, or Smart Phone. Simply log in, watch a video segment, practice the techniques, and move closer to your goals. Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own work space.
  • Unlimited Support – Have questions along the way? We’re here to help via phone, email, or on-line chat.
  • Bricklayer PDF Book – This is your added guide to applying the hands on techniques you’ll take from the video training and put into real practice.
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