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Charlie Cummins – founder


Charlie Cummins has worked all over the world and has been involved with the building of major brick, block and stone projects such as The Sheridan Hotel in Anchorage Alaska and the Anchorage International Airport.

Charlie currently focuses his time on consulting individuals who wish to become contractors, or contractors who want to improve their business processes and bottom line. In addition to consulting contractors, Charlie has been a consultant and has improved the processes regarding prefab masonry options for city planning departments and builders.

I began working in this great trade in  back in 1963 in Dallas, Texas. I have been a bricklayer, masonry contractor, and masonry school owner since 1975.

I was a union contractor in Alaska for twelve years, then I paid my $120,000 plus in legal fees to get out of all of the unions. I then operated for another eighteen years as a non-union masonry contractor in Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky and California. I have laid brick, block, stone and everything else but eggs – without squawking, in Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, California, Nevada, Colorado, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky – and Vietnam.

I have seen a lot of things, made a lot of good decisions, and also a lot of bad decisions that cost me millions of dollars over the years. I am an expert on what to do and what not to do because I have done plenty of both – BIG TIME.

I plan to live to be 130 or die trying and hope to die with a trowel in my hand. I want my ashes to be thrown in a batch of mud and have my favorite bricklaying buddy take me up in to the beautiful Rocky Mountains and lay me up in a pile of brick and stone, under a tree with a GREAT VIEW. I love this trade.

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