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BrickLaying Business – How Big Do You Want To Go?

Charlie Cummins can teach you everything you need to know to create a successful bricklaying business, including  block, stone. You will learn how to equip, hire, and successfully run a professional organization. You can start small and work up. You can start at the top and go international. It’s up to you.
You don’t need Charlie to buy equipment. You could buy it all yourself. You might even know enough about the business to equip a decent crew of bricklayers. But you better be right! It’s a tremendous investment. Charlie Cummins stands behind his equipment.
A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Charlie Cummins will buy back every tool, every vehicle, every piece of equipment he sells if you are not successful. Where else can you find a deal like that? If you are going to sink thousands of dollars into a new venture, wouldn’t it be nice if it came along with a money back guarantee?

Twenty days or Twenty Years, we will buy it back

Here’s how Charlie scales his business packages. You are limited only by the size of your ambition. We work with equipment lease finance companies that do ABCD credit/plus start-up-business deals, and we will do what we can to get you in at whatever level you desire.

Stage I – Masonry Restoration / Masonry Repair / Tuck Pointing Projects

Stage II – Residential and Small Commercial Masonry Projects

Our Trailers Are Customized To Match Your Business: From 20 Ft Up To 35 Ft

Stage III – Large Commercial Specialized Masonry Projects

Stage IV – The Ultimate: City, State and Federal Projects

Yes, we know what we are doing or we could not stay in business offering deals like this. We know every aspect of the bricklaying business, the opportunities, and the pitfalls. All we need is you.

We know Masonry Contractors who are earning in excess of $150,000 to $200,000 per year doing nothing but fixing chimneys; $500,000 per year doing nothing but forming faux (man-made) stone; and some making over a million per year doing larger projects.


Training and Equipment prices start at $19.775 and go up to $75,000 plus.

 We have finance companies standing by to get you started in this GREAT BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY.

 To see if you qualify for the BE THE BOSS BRICK CONTRACTOR PROGRAM, Start your own bricklaying business

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